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Jamie Fletcher, Master
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Oak Grove #750 is a masonic lodge of the 19th masonic district of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of North Carolina. Our lodge is located at 205 Husketh Dr., Durham, NC 27703. Our stated communication is held the third Monday of each month at 7:30 PM. Dinner is served at 6:30 PM. All Master Masons in good standing are welcome to attend. Casual business attire is preferred.

Congratulations to Our Newest Master Mason Alexander Atkins

Honoring our Masonic Veterans

We are a Lion and Pillar Lodge!

Honoring Our Local Law Enforcement

Brother John Powell graduates from Wilkerson College!


Honoring our Veterans 2017

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Whitestone A Masonic and Eastern Star Community 

Masonic Home for Children Oxford 


Whitestone, A Masonic and Eastern Star Community, is a continuing care retirement community in Greensboro, NC. LiveAtWhitestone.org

The Masonic Home for Children assists families in need by providing a home-like setting together with  community based programs and services for children to enhance its stable, supportive and nurturing living environment  in order for children to reunite with their families or achieve  independence.




Become a Freemason

The Petition
The Petition

"Freemasonry, a beautiful system of morality, veiled in allegory, and illustrated by symbols"The most ancient society in the world; its principles are based on  pure morality, its ethics are the ethics of pure religion, its doctrines, the doctrines of brotherly love; and its sentiments, the sentiments of exalted benevolence. It encourages all this is good, kind and charitable; and reproves all that is vicious, cruel, and oppressive.

The qualifications to become a Freemason are fairly straight forward; you must be a man, at least 18 years of age and profess a belief in Deity. No atheist can be made a mason. No mason can ask you to join; you must ask for yourself. That is the first step on your masonic journey.

The next step in your masonic journey is to petition the lodge. The petition serves as notice  that you are willing to be examined by the lodge so that they may determine if you are morally suitable to join the fraternity. The petition is read in the lodge and must be signed by two members of the lodge in good standing who vouch that they know you to be of high moral character. If you do not know any freemasons don't fret. Most lodges have meals on lodge nights prior to their stated communication and will allow non-masons to join them. This is a good way to get to know the brothers and to make aquaintances with Master Masons who may be willing to sign your petition.

Once your petition is read in the lodge the Master of the lodge will assign an investigating committee of at least three Master Masons who will be charged with determining whether or not you are of suitable moral character, financially stable, and that you have no physical or mental condition that would preclude you from performing the degree work required. The investigating committee will interview you, your family, friends, and employer to make their determination. The Grand Lodge of NC will also perform a criminal background check. 

Once the investigating committee has completed their investigation they will return their findings to the lodge during a stated communication and give their recomendation. If the recommendation is favorable the members of the lodge will ballot on the petition. If the balloting is favorable you will be notified as to when to appear to recieve the Entered Apprentice degree.

There are three degrees in Masonry: Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft, and Master Mason. You will receive your first degree (Entered Apprentice degree) after a favorable ballot. Once you receive the degree you will be assigned a coach who will teach you the cathecism of that degree which you will be required to recite in front of the lodge before receiving your second degree. This  may take several weeks or months to learn depending on the amount of time you and your coach have to dedicate and your ability to memorize.


Once the first degree cathecism is "given back" you will take your second degree and then be coached on that cathecism. Once the second degree cathecism is given back you will receive your third or Master Mason degree. The cathecism for the third degree is optional.


Congratulation! You are now a Master Mason. Contact Us To Get Started

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The Investigation
The Ballot
The Degrees
The Qualifications
The Petition

205 Husketh Dr.

Durham, N.C. 27704





3RD Monday of Month

7:30 Meeting 6:30 Dinner

All Master Masons Welcome

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