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A Note From The Communication Committee

Greetings, and on behalf of the new communications committee, I want to officially welcome you to Oak Grove #750 AF & AM's home on the world stage. I am Tom Simmons. A little about me, I was raised to the sublime degree in 2006. I was Master of the Lodge in 2012, and continue to support my lodge as a member of the communications committee as well as the "Smokin' Oaks" cooking team. I am the current Worthy Patron of Roxboro #207 Order of the Eastern Star, as well as a three time Past Patron of Southgate #177 Order of the Eastern Star, as well as a Past Deputy Grand Patron.

The purpose of this blog is that I want to discuss the future of this website, Our Master in 2017, Worshipful Brother Jay Watkins, has asked me to serve as an editor and I am honored for the opportunity. As we advance in the Masonic Order, we are given "tools to work with." Whether it is our beloved Masonic Working Tools, our Bible, or even the number to the nearest caterer, we are always equipped to perform our duties without hesitation. I have been given said tools to edit our webpage, and I intend to use them. We will be updating our website at least biweekly, keeping you updated on events in our lodge as well as our masonic bodies. If you have an event you would like to add to our calendar, please do not hesitate to contact us. I will be checking the Oak Grove e-mail on a daily basis and would be more than happy to post your event.

I want to thank you for checking us out, let us know what you think of the website!

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